Loot Box ASA

Welcome to Loot Box ASA, home of LTBX. 

LTBX was created in November 2021, and is an Algorand verified ASA. It is based around my love for the Algorand platform, and all its different projects. I wanted to start a token and a community around it, and grow LTBX from the ground up. 

In the current form, those that hold LTBX or participate in liquidity pools are automatically entered into giveaways of LTBX, and other Algorand ASAs. Reddit and Discord based games are also available that give additional chances to win.

Please join our Discord server for more giveaways and to play Looter's Lament, a Lootbox Discord game (Currently available to those that hold 1,000 LTBX or more). 

Contact me at dumuzi@lootboxasa.com